Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Battle of the Bulge


Join us to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge, which ended January 25, 1945.
In December, 1944, the Germans launched a surprise offensive with half a million men, 1800 tanks, and 1900 artillery guns through the Ardennes region of Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.
The German forces punched through the allied lines and got approximately half way to Brussels before finally being pushed back.  This is where the 101st Airborn made its stand at Bastogne, where Patton's 3rd US Army charged into bitterly cold winter battle, and where elite Panzer Armies under Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt made one of their last big pushes.

For America, it was the largest battle of WWII. For Germany, it was a waning hope for offensive operations in the west.

Welcome to This Day in WWII: Battle of the Bulge!
All are welcome to play.
Runs on January 25 in Special Events II arena at two times:
-- 3 pm Eastern.
-- 10 pm Eastern.

Objective: Kill enemies, bomb hangars and bunkers.

Event duration: 2 hours, but play as much or as little as you want of that.

Unlimited lives.

Allies (Bishops):
-- Air bases 115, 118, 120.
-- P-51D, P-47D-40, Spit XVI, Typhoon, B-26B.

Axis (Knights):
-- Air bases 116, 117, 121.
-- Bf 109G-14, Bf 109K-4, FW 190A-8, FW 190D-9, FW 190F-8, Ju 88A-4.
Hangars are 7000 lbs hardness.
Bunkers are 700 lbs hardness.
No dot radar is available -- only sector counters.
Destroyed bunkers and hangars stay down for 8 minutes.

-- 1 point per kill of an enemy.
-- 4 points per bunker or hangar.

Side split 50/50.

Arena Settings:
Terrain = germany
ArenaFlags = 13358
CountryChangeTime = 0
ExitWhileMoving = 508
FlightModeFlags = 5248
FuelBurnRateMult = 1.0
RadarMode = 0
StratFlags = 1
Object Settings:
Bunk Ammo, Down Time = 8, hardness = 0.7
Bunk Barr, Down Time = 8, hardness = 0.7
Bunk Fuel, Down Time = 8, hardness = 0.7
Bunk Radar, Down Time = 8, hardness = 0.7
Ftr Hangar, Down Time = 8, hardness = 7
Bmb hangar, Down Time = 8, hardness = 7
Veh hangar, Down Time = 8, hardness = 7

Map of the region where the ground battle will take place:

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