Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Battle of Stalingrad


Join us to commemorate the Battle of Stalingrad, which ended February 2, 1943.
It was the bloodiest single battle in history, with an estimated combined total of two million casualties by the end. It was the largest single battle of WWII, with a peak participation of over two million soldiers, 25,000 artillery pieces, 2000 tanks, and 2000 aircraft. It was a turning point in WWII, where the German forces were turned back in the east.

Welcome to This Day in WWII: Battle of Stalingrad!
All are welcome to play.
Runs in Special Events II arena on Feb. 2 at two times:
-- 3 pm Eastern time (8 pm UK time)
-- 11 pm Eastern time
Objective: Kill enemies, destroy ground objects, and capture bases.
Event duration: 2 hours, but play as much or as little as you want of that.
Unlimited lives.
Allies (Bishops):
-- Air bases 13 and 29.
-- Boston III, Hurricane II, I-16, Il-2, La-5FN (at a13 only), P-39D, P-40E, Tu-2S, Yak-7B.
-- Vehicles available at all bases.
-- T-34/76, M3, M16, Ostwind.
Axis (Knights):
-- Air bases 75 and 76.
-- Bf 109G-2, Bf 109F-4, Bf 110C-4b, Ju 87D-3, Ju 88A-4.
-- Vechicles available at all bases.
-- Panzer IV, SdKfz 251, Wirbelwind, Ostwind.
No dot radar is available -- only sector counters.
Destroyed barracks and ammo bunkers stay down for 10 minutes.
-- 1 point per kill of an enemy.
-- 0.1 points per ground object destroyed.
-- 25 points for whichever side owns a27 at end (representing Stalingrad).
-- 25 points for whichever side owns v24 at end (representing Stalingrad).
Side split 50/50.
Arena Settings:
Terrain = rhinewin
ArenaFlags = 13358
ColorFog[Day] = 169/169/172
ColorSky[Day] = 211/211/214
ChangeCountryTime = 0
ExitWhileMoving = 508
FlightModeFlags = 5248
FuelBurnRateMult = 2.0
RadarMode = 0
StratFlags = 1
Object Settings:
Bunk Ammo, Down Time = 10
Bunk Barr, Down Time = 10
Map of the battle region:

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