Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Operation Torch

Join us to commemorate Operation Torch, the British-American invasion of North Africa, which began November 8, 1942. 
Operation Torch was the first allied amphibious invasion of WWII and the first step in operations that culminated in British-American footholds on continental Europe.  For American forces, it was the first fight in the European theater.  In the initial stages, 110,000 British and American troops, hundreds of ships, and about 160 carrier-based aircraft squared off against Vichy French forces of 120,000 troops, fortified coastal positions, various warships, and about 160 aircraft, as well as German U-boats and Luftwaffe bombers.

Welcome to This Day in WWII: Operation Torch!
All are welcome to play.
Runs on November 8 in Special Events II Arena at:
-- 3 pm Eastern Time
Objective: Kill enemies, sink ships, and capture bases.
Event duration: 2 hours, but play as much or as little as you want of that.
Unlimited lives.
Allies (Bishops):
-- Two British TG's (in 2.11 and 3.11) have:  
---- F4F-4 (Martlet), Sea Hurricane I, SBD-5 (as Albacore). 
---- Seafire II available intermittently (so that everyone isn't flying Seafires).
-- Two US TG's (in 0.11 and 1.11) have:  
---- F4F-4, SBD-5, TBM-3.
-- LVTA2 and LVTA4 available from all TG's.
-- M4A3(75), M3, M8, M16 available from any land bases captured.
Axis (Knights):
-- Aircraft available at a17, 14, and 16.
-- P-40C (as Hawk 75), Bf 109E-4 and C.202 (either one as Dewoitine D.520), Ju 88A-4.
-- Vehicles available at all bases.
-- Panzer IV H, SdKfz, M8, Ostwind.
-- Two Vichy TG's (in 1.11 and 2.11), no planes enabled.
No dot radar is available -- only sector counters.
Destroyed barracks and ammo bunkers stay down for 5 minutes.
Destroyed vehicle hangar stays down for 15 minutes.
Task groups stay around (and able to launch LVT's) for 45 minutes after carrier sunk.
CV takes 16,000 lbs of ord to sink.
CA's and DD's take 4000 lbs of ord to sink. 
No bomber formations.
Vichy TG has no cruiser (to reduce its TG strength relative to US/British).
-- 1 point per kill of an enemy.
-- 10 points per ship sunk.
-- 25 points per base capture.
Side split 50/50.
Arena Settings:
Terrain = tunisia
ArenaFlags = 13358
ChangeCountryTime = 0
ExitWhileMoving = 508
FlightModeFlags = 5248
ObjectHardnessMults[SHP] = 2.0
RadarMode = 0
ResetAirFieldCnt = 1
ResetTotalFieldCnt = 1
StratFlags = 1
TaskGroupCommandCnt = 6
TaskGroupRespawnTime = 45
Object Settings:
Bunk Ammo, Down Time = 5
Bunk Barr, Down Time = 5
Ship, Down Time = 200
Veh Hgr, Down Time = 15
Disable weapons:
Ju 88 has only 4x250 kg and torpedoes.
TBM has no rockets.
F4F, Bf 109E, Seafire, Sea Hurricane -- no bombs.
SBD-3, no 1600 lb bomb, no 100 lb bombs. 
Destroy Vichy cruisers.

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