Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Pearl Harbor

Join us to commemorate Pearl Harbor.
6:00 am, December 7, 1941 -- 183 aircraft take off in a first wave from six Imperial Japanese Navy carriers. Their mission is to destroy the US Pacific Fleet assembled at Pearl Harbor.
In the US, previous indications of imminent war have not been fully appreciated. At Pearl Harbor itself, antiaircraft guns are unmanned and aircraft are not conducting routine patrols. At 6:37 am, the USS Ward finds and attacks a Japanese midget submarine outside the harbor entrance. At 7:00 am, the Japanese first wave is picked up by the Opana Point radar station but are confused with a scheduled incoming flight of B-17's. As the Japanese planes draw close to land, they shoot down several US aircraft, which radio warnings, but the warnings are cryptic and puzzling to the recipients. For the ships of Pearl Harbor, there is no call to battle stations. For the planes, there is no call to scramble.
At 7:53 am, the first bombs fall. The US is now at war.

Welcome to This Day in WWII: Pearl Harbor!
All are welcome to play.
Runs on December 7th in Special Events II Arena at two times:
-- 3 pm Eastern Time.
-- 10 pm Eastern Time.

Objective: Kill enemies, sink enemy ships, and destroy enemy objects.

Event duration: 2 hours, but play as much or as little as you want of that.

Unlimited lives.

Allies (Bishops):
-- F4F-4 available at a1 (Ford) and a5 (Ewa).
-- P-40C available at a19 (Wheeler).
-- M16 (as AA defenses).

Axis (Knights):
-- Two TG's (C8 and C9) start in bottom of 10.12.
-- A6M2, D3A1, B5N2.

In first launch, IJN launches. Script is typed (see below). Then US launches.
No dot radar is available -- only sector counters.
Ammo Bunkers, Fighter Hangars, and Vehicle Hangars stay down 1 minute.
CM will periodically jump IJN TG's to keep them at least 1/3 sector away from land.
No 8" guns for IJN.

-- 1 point per kill of enemy.
-- IJN gets 0.1 point per object destroyed.
-- IJN gets 10 points per ship sunk

Side split 2:1 axis to allies.

Arena Settings:
Terrain = pearl
ArenaFlags = 275502
ChangeCountryTime = 0
ExitWhileMoving = 508
FlightModeFlags = 5248
GroundAutoLethality[Armored] = 0.02
GroundAutoLethality[Hard] = 0.02
GroundAutoLethality[Soft] = 0.02
RadarMode = 0
StratFlags = 1
TaskGroupCommandCnt = 6

Object Settings:
Bunk Ammo, Down Time = 1
Ftr Hangar, Down Time = 1
Gun Bat Armor, Down Time = 800
Gun Bat Soft, Down Time = 800
Hard Gun Bat, Down Time = 800
TaskGroupRespawnTime = 360

Disable weapons:
No bombs on P-40C, F4F-4, A6M2.
F4F-4 gets 4-gun option only.
b5n gets torp and 2x250
.det f08baa00c 1 (and for d and e, and for f09) -- gets rid of 8"

ca hardness 2000 lbs, 800 downtime
de hardness 1000 lbs, 800 downtime

Map of the battle area:

IJN Command to Striking Force:
Climb Mount Niitaka.  Repeat:  Climb Mount Niitaka

Fleet command to all ships:
Carriers, turn into wind.
Prepare to launch planes.

IJN pilots, man your planes.  Prepare to launch.

IJN pilots, launch your planes.

USS Ward to Pearl HQ:
Submarine spotted near harbor entrance.
Ward reports enemy submarine engaged and sunk.

Opana Point radar to Pearl HQ:
Massive radar contacts north of Oahu, inbound.

Pearl HQ to Opana Point:
That is a flight of B-17's coming in.

Opana Point to HQ:
Many, many contacts, HQ.

HQ to Opana Point:
Roger.  Will evaluate.  Stand by.

HQ to all military personel:
Return to base.  Repeat:  return to base.  This is not a drill.

Opana Point to HQ:
We are picking up emergency calls of aircraft being attacked near Oahu.
Large formations of aircraft still inbound.

HQ to all military personel:
All personel, man your posts.
Pilots, man your planes.
This is not a drill.
Enemy attack inbound.
All Pearl aircraft, launch when ready.

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