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Campaign Manager Team

The Campaign Manager Team

Listed below is your all-volunteer CM Team.  You will find the person's In-game ID, BBS ID, and their position on the team.
CM Team CO: Spikes
In-game ID BBS ID Position
Friday Squad Ops  
AKKuya AKKuya Lead/Setup/Bouncer
Nefari Nefarious Admin
Perdweeb perdue3 Admin
Spikes Spikes Admin
JeffN JeffN Setup/Bouncer
DH367th DH367th Setup/Bouncer
SKFGAlpo Alpo Setup/Bouncer
SlipKnot SlipKnt Setup/Bouncer/Trainer
Brooke Brooke Team Lead
AKWarHwk Swareiam Admin
Ditto KCDitto Admin
Perdweeb Perdue3 Admin
Combat Challenge  
perdweeb perdue3 Team Lead
King of the Hill    
Bruv119 Bruv119 Team Lead
fuzeman  fuzeman   
Target For Today   
Brooke Brooke Team Lead
AKWarHwk Swareiam  
Ditto KCDitto  
Perdweeb Perdue3  
AKKuya AKKuya  
Terrain Team    
GhstDncr Ghostdancer Team Lead
mrmidi  mrmidi  
Events Site    
Spikes Spikes Team Lead

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