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Cherkassy Pocket

It is early 1944, and one of the largest battles of WWII is raging across the Eastern Front.

Gone are the Wehrmacht's quick early gains.  The Red Army has grown gigantic and is taking back vast regions of land.  Now, it is the Germans' turn for desperation.  They are fighting for survival, to keep from being enveloped in the Cherkassy Pocket.

Bf 109's and FW 190's of the mighty Luftwaffe combat La-5's, Yak-9's, and Tu-2's of the surging VVS -- in air-to-air combat, bombing, ground attack, escort, and intercept.

Please join us for this glorious battle.

There will be four frames on the following dates in Special Events 2 arena.  Show-up time is as follows.  Note that Daylight Saving Time changes during event.  If you are outside the US, please check what local time it is for you each frame.  Time zone converter here.

  • October 30 -- 3 pm Eastern US (7 pm GMT)
  • November 6 -- 3 pm Eastern US (7 pm GMT)
  • November 13 -- 3 pm Eastern US (8 pm GMT)
  • November 20 -- 3 pm Eastern US (8 pm GMT)

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