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Velikiye Luki

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It is December, 1942, and war rages along the entire frozen 1500-mile-long Eastern Front.  Among the many battles is the town of Velikiye Luki, an important railroad junction for the north.  As the Germans dug in for winter, the Soviets attacked with everything they had.  It came to be known as “the Little Stalingrad of the North.”

Join us for the Battle of Velikiye Luki.  Luftwaffe vs. Soviet VVS fighting for air dominance and attacking enemy ground forces at Velikiye Luki and along enemy lines of supply and reinforcement.

FW 190A-5’s, Bf 109G-2’s, Ju 88’s vs. La-5FN’s, Yak-9T’s, P-39D’s

Join us for glorious battle!

Dates and Times

Please register for the event if you can play at least 3 frames. If you can’t play in at least 3 frames, you can still show up as a walkon (unregistered player) on game day.

  • October 14
  • October 21
  • October 28
  • November 4

Please show up at 7 pm US Eastern time in Special Events 2 arena. (For how that translates to your time, here is a time converter.)  End of frame will be nominally at 10:30 pm US Eastern time.

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