Thursday, August 24, 2017
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CM Team

The CM Team

Listed below is your all-volunteer CM Team.  Where a person's BB name (name in the HTC message board) is different from his AH handle, the BB name is given in parentheses.
CM Team CO: Plissken
CM Team XO: DH367th
In-game ID BBS ID Position
Friday Squad Ops  
Warloc Squire Team Lead
AKWarHwk Swareiam Admin
ImADot ImADot Setup/Bouncer
Mystic2 Mystic2 Setup/Bouncer
DH367th DH367th Setup/Bouncer
SlipKnt SlipKnt Setup/Bouncer
Phast Phast12 Setup/Bouncer
Brooke Brooke Team Lead
AKWarHwk Swareiam Admin
Combat Challenge  
Nefari Nefarious Team Lead
Plissken Plissken  
Swoop Swoop  
King of the Hill    
Bruv119 Bruv119 Team Lead
JunkyII JunkyII  


Aces High eXtreme Air Racing League

This Day in WWII  
Brooke Brooke Team Lead
Flossy Flossy  
Terrain Team    
mrmidi mrmidi Team Lead
GhstDncr Ghostdancer  
Kanttori Kanttori  
Events Website    
Spikes Spikes Team Lead
Kanth Kanth  

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