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Combat Challenge Series


Aces High Combat Challenge

The Aces High Combat Challenge will be hosting historical fighter vs fighter match-ups using SEA terrains of the time and period. The objective will be for the two sides to engage in aerial combat and shoot down enemy aircraft.

This will be a squad and walk-on friendly event. All are welcome to join in! This event will take place on the Friday breaks between FSOs at 11 PM EST. The event will last the standard FSO length of 2 hours. There will be unlimited lives in the span of those two hours. There could be eight or more aircraft types that will be enabled at T+60. Flight will be disabled at T+120 and logs will remain open until all pilots are landed.

Overall Rules and Guidelines

  • Avoid friendly fire at all costs. Your score will be penalized with NO exceptions. Habitual fratricide or specific targeting of friendlies will result in immediate ejection from the special events arena.
  • Aircraft will only be enabled at designated fields.
  • You may rearm and refuel at any friendly field.
  • Fly whichever aircraft or side you desire. Feel free to switch sides whenever you like, but you may be asked to switch to another side if the player balance becomes too much of an issue.
  • Have fun!

Standard Settings

- Fuel 1.00
- FSO Icons (3K for enemy) (3k for friendly)
- Ack 3.0
- Full Radar
- Aircraft warning range 12 miles (63,360)
- Tower range set to 12 miles (for display only to match the above setting)
- Visibility - Default
- External Ordnance DISABLED
- Enemy collisions ON
- Kill shooter OFF
- Stall limiter ENABLED

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