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Combat Challenge Series

Screenshot by Devil 505 
Aces High Combat Challenge
The Aces High Combat Challenge will be hosting historical fighter vs fighter match-ups using
SEA terrains of the time and period. The objective will be for the two sides to engage in air
combat and shoot down enemy aircraft.

This will be a Squad and Walk-on friendly event. All are welcome! This event will take place
on two week breaks between FSOs at regular FSO time: 11PM EST and will run the standard
FSO length of 2 hours. It will be unlimited lives in the span of those two hours. All eight aircraft
will be enabled at T+60. Flight will be disabled at T+120 and logs will remain open untilall pilots are down.
Dates - 2018
January 26th - Kickoff Challenge (NOT SCORED)
March 30th - Combat Challenge 22
May 25th - Combat Challenge 23
July 27th - Combat Challenge 24
September 28th - Combat Challenge 25
November 23rd - SEASON FINALE - Combat Challenge 26
December 28th - Combat Challenge - WW1 (NOT SCORED)

 Overall Rules and Guidelines
 - Avoid Friendly fire at all costs. Your score will be penalized with NO exceptions. Habitual Fratricide or specific targeting of friendlies will result in immediate ejection from the event.
- Aircraft will only be enabled at designated fields.
- You may Rearm or Land at any Friendly Field. 
- Fly what aircraft and side you want or feel free to switch, but I may ask some guys to switch sides if numbers
become to much of an issue.
- Have fun.  
Standard Settings
- Fuel 1.00
- FSO Icons (3K for enemy) (3k for friendly)
- Ack  3.0
- Full Radar
- Aircraft warning range 12 miles (63,360)
- Tower range set to 12 miles (for display only to match the above setting)
- Visibility - Default
- External Ordnance DISABLED
- Enemy collisions ON
- Kill shooter OFF
- Stall limiter ENABLED

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