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Southern Conquest

Southern Conquest is an Aces High Scenario highlighting 4 distinct phases of the war.
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Frame 1: January 9th 2016
March 7, 1942:  Siege of Malta

Frame 2: January 16th 2016
November 8, 1942:  Operation Torch

Frame 3: January 23rd 2016
July 9, 1943:  Operation Husky

Frame 4: January 30th 2016
Early 1944:  Those Who Fall (15th AF strategic bombing)

Commanding your team will require time, energy, and a great deal of team building.

Each frame will last 3 hours (from T+0 to T+3:00).  Pilots get a new life at T+30, T+1:30, and T+2:30.  So, if you die at T+15, you can take off again T+30.  If you die at T+1:00 hour, you can take off again at T+1:30, and so on.

The CO will have the ultimate say as to who get’s to fly which plane, and when.  The CO will have the choice as to when he launches, where he goes, and all of the decisions that must be made to ultimately win the war.

Victory conditions will be frame by frame.  The side who achieves more winning frames will be the victor.  It is possible to lose or win all frames, it is possible to battle to a draw.  There were blowouts in the actual war, and often times battles were fought to a stalemate.  There are no major restrictions regarding where you can fly, how far you can chase an enemy or when you can or can’t shoot them down.  The choices made will impact the event.

Logs will be posted on ahevents.org as usual, as well as linked frame by frame on each frames page here on this event site.  You are welcome to follow the event on Twitter @ScenariosROC where live updates on the event progression will occur.  The HitechCreations Facebook page will have live updates on the event as well.

Join us as we follow the Southern Conquest

Dates and Times

January 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.
Players should register for the scenario to play in it so that they can get mission orders, although walkons are allowed to show up in the Special Events Arena on game day to see if there are any open positions to fill. The Southern Conquest will be a four-frame event (four battles).  The show-up times are 3:00 pm US Eastern Time (when you need to show up by in order to have time to get put into a group and get briefed) — the arena is locked to new admittance at 3:05.  This allows for the sides to gather and brief the walkons, and adapt to turnout.  Launch is at 3:30 PM Eastern Time.
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Side Numbers

Registration will be for 60 players per side.

Available groups are as follows.
For the full scenario write up and frame by frame details, please follow the link below.

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