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Clash at Kaafjord: Operation Tungsten


In the Spring of 1944, the British were eager to strike into Norway, wanting to send capital ships close in order to get much needed supplies to the Soviet Union. One thing stood in their way: Tirpitz. The Tirpitz was moored in Kaafjord undergoing repairs at the time, and it was the greatest single maritime threat to the Allies at the time. The British were worried that by the time it was finished being serviced, it would lay waste to the supply ships they needed in the North and Arctic seas.

This setup aims to re-create Operation Tungsten, the attack on the Tirpitz by the Royal Navy, and what could have been a formidable defense by the Luftwaffe.

Side Split: 52% Allies/48% Axis

Royal Navy


F4U-1A (Corsair Mk. II)

MAX 24

Bf 109G-14

MAX 20

F6F-5 (Hellcat F Mk. II)

MIN 20

Bf 109G-6

MIN 12

Seafire Mk IIc

MIN 12

Fw 190A-5




Bf 110G-2

MAX 12


Special Rules:

TBM-3 and Bf 110G-2 have no minimum requirement.
F6F-5 may carry bombs and rockets. Minimum of 12 F6Fs must carry ordnance in an attacking role.
All aircraft have a 16K altitude cap.


TBM - 1
Fighters - 2
Hangars - 3
Moored Cruisers - 4
Hardness Changes:
Cruiser - CA - 4000lbs
Recommended Skins List:

F4U-1A - 1835NAS/FAA by Greebo

              - 1842 NAS FAA by Greebo

F6F-5    - 800S/FAA by Greebo

              - 804NAS/FAA by Greebo

Seafire - 880S/FAA by Kev367th

TBM-3 - 852S/FAA by Greebo

Bf 109G-14 - Default (special nrthseaw default) 

                     - 16/JG5 by Fencer 

                     - JG5 by Dutchguy

Bf 109G-6   - Default (special nrthseaw default)

                     - II./JG5 by TrueKill 

Fw 190A-5 - Default (special nrthseaw default)

Arena Settings:

- Terrain: nrthseaw

- Clouds: med15light5k

- Fuel Burn: 1.0

- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy

- Ack: .3

- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52800 (about 10 miles)

- Tower range set to 52800 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/Fog: 15 miles

- Radar: Off

- Enemy collisions: on

- Friendly collisions: off

- Killshooter: off

- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock

- Formations: On

- Formation Autopilot: On

- Bomber calibration: Automatic

- Wind:


2K-8K: S TO N - Speed 5

8K-16K: SW TO NE - Speed 10

Area of Operations:



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