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CiC Example Orders

Please take a moment to look over these 3 examples by Ghostdancer of what would constitute a valid attack plan by a CiC. They should help you understand what to avoid in any attack plan you may design. 

After viewing these below please look 3 detailed examples of CiC orders on the left column in the FSO drop down menu.

Invalid Attack Plan


Valid Attack Plan I


Valid Attack Plan II


Intro to CiC Orders

Before you view the sample orders it is important to know many of the examples are all exemplary. Some of the orders below can take several hours of planning and often offer great detail in planning and execution. This is NOT a requirement for CiC orders.

CiC orders for squads really only need:

1. What aircraft to fly.
2. What field to roll from.
3. Mission such as escort, fighter sweep, bombing, etc.
4. Other specifics such as routes, ordinance to carry, fuel, secondary targets, etc.

Complete the above 4 items by Wed night at the latest, (Monday or Tuesday is better) and send it out to all your side squads is quite satisfactory. 

Having said that here are some steps you should follow to complete your CiC duties. This is the same outline offered in one of the stickies at the top of the FSO forums.

8 Steps on how to be a Frame C.O. in Squad Operations

1. The moment you get the orders from the Admin CM, (the person who designed and manages the current event) look them over and see if there is anything you don't understand. Objectives should be clear, including what targets you are to defend and attack. Look for any errors. Admin CM's may make a mistake.

2. You will need to log into the FSO events page to use and view some of the tools that are offered for the Squad C.O.?s.


In the left hand column you will see several links. Two that you will use are:
*View Side Assignments
*E-mail Addresses

No longer do C.O.?s have to e-mail squads asking what ride they want. This information is available on the events site. On the View Side Assignments link you can view the side (Allied or Axis) assignments to see what squads you have available, who the C.O.?s are, and how large their squad is. This information is available in a table format or in a text format. You should have the same information listed in your orders. If you see any discrepancy contact the Admin CM, (who sent you the orders) and let them know. You may spot several squads that have not updated their squad information with the current plane set. This is normal. I suggest you try to accommodate squads who have updated their preferred rides first, then those squads who have not updated their information. You will also see a ?dedicated? ride for some squads. Those squads are often based on a real life counter part and particularly enjoy the aircraft listed. If possible please assign that aircraft. If you can?t that is understandable. Everyone knows squads don?t always get the ride they want. Those squads that did not update their information you can place and assign them missions as needed.

3.You should also e-mail everyone on your side using the E-Mail Addresses link. You will have to log in first, but once you have you will see a simple drop down menu that will allow you to:
-E-mail all squads
-Just Allied Squads
-Just Axis Squads

You will of course want to just e-mail the squads on the side you are currently assigned to. You may want to send out an e-mail to squads on your side letting them know:
-You?re the CiC for the next frame
-To contact you if they have any special request or questions

Sending out an e-mail early on will also make apparent any squad e-mail address? that are no longer valid. Contact the Admin CM or the head of FSO if any e-mails bounce. It is important that you let the Admin CM know if any bounce. If you assign a squad a particular mission and they never receive the orders then we will have problems on Friday night.

4. Once you have sent out the initial e-mail you can start in on the orders. You can be
specific and tell each squad:
- How much fuel to take
- What ordnance to load
- What route and alt to take
- When to hit the target

Or you can just assign the aircraft they are to fly, the mission, the field to roll from and leave the rest of it up to the C.O. of that squad how to complete that mission.

*It is important to remember that you must hit all your assigned targets within the first hour of the frame*

If not your side could lose substantial points which could cost you the frame. It is no fun to fly around for 2 hours without any action. If all targets are attacked and all targets have squads assigned to protect them, then all squads will see action within the first hour.

Details on the rules can be found here. Please review them.

Once you have a good idea on what aircraft squads are flying, you can send out a heads up, or ?Warning Order? to the squads on your side. That way squads can have a few days to practice what ride they are being assigned. Warning orders are not written in stone, but if you send one out as a courtesy to squads, do your best to stick with the assigned rides you listed.

5. Send out the orders as soon as you can. They should be sent out by Wednesday at the very latest! Monday or Tuesday is better. If you are the kind of Frame C.O. that likes to use several maps and great detail in your orders then watch the time. If it takes you three days to get it done then you are taking too much time.

6. Watch for questions from the Squad C.O.'s. You may not have made something clear or you might have had an error. Check your mail every day prior to the frame and respond as soon as possible.

7. On the night of the Frame try to show up early to answer any questions squad C.O.'s might have. Some Frame C.O.'s have a command channel they want squad C.O.'s to tune to. Channel 150 is commonly used.

Others don't worry about it and let the C.O.'s run their squads as they see fit. Just depends on your own style of leadership. Some CiC's stay on the ground and try to keep track of all that is going on. They want updated information from squads, when the enemy is contacted, how close they are to target, general locations, and any other relevant information. CiC?s who operate like that will be giving out orders to squads and making adjustment to plans as the frame progresses. Others fly and enjoy themselves and let each squad deal with the missions and problems at hand.

Some of the FSO?s involve the use of Task Groups. If yours does, then depending on the particulars you may need to contact the Setup CM (the person who manages the event that night) and let them know where you want the Task Groups in the assigned sectors. The Setup CM can jump the task groups to your desired location and direction. Again depending on the design of the Admin CM you may or may not be allowed to control the Task Groups.

8. Once the frame is done your responsibility is over till the next time you are asked to be a Frame C.O. Depending on how many squads we have in FSO it is usually once or twice a year.

If all Frame C.O.'s followed these steps we would not have any squads complaining about lack of orders, or orders being late. Nor would we have squads complaining about the rides they get and being forced in rides they don't want time and time again. When I started Squad Operations back in 2001 we had about 80 players show up for the first few frames. CM's have worked and watched it grow to well over 500 on a Friday night over the years. Frame C.O.'s who don't do their job will be removed from Squad Operations, because they don't just spoil it for themselves, but for over 500 other players who look forward to this event every week.

Lastly don?t be afraid to ask for help. Being a CiC for the first time can be a daunting task. Any of our CM?s will be happy to help you out, and many of our veteran squad C.O.?s would also be glad to lend you a hand in designing the orders for a frame.

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