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The BEF (British Expeditionary Force) is escaping from mainland Europe after a crushing defeat by the Vehrmacht and Luftwaffe. The RAF in Operation DYNAMO is flying top cover to protect the retreating British ships that are returning the British Army to England. The Luftwaffe will stop at nothing to destroy this force. Who will prevail! Join the Aces High community in this dash of destiny in the battle of “DUNKIRK”.

Country Percentage

Axis 50%

Allies 50%

Event Planeset



Aircraft Ordnance

JU87D3 - 1x 500 Kg bombs

HE111H - 8x 250 Kg bombs



Victory Conditions

This event is a one side defend and one side attack scenario. The Allies must prevent ships from being sunk. The Axis must sink a number of ships to win each frame. The winner will have earned the points necessary to claim victory for the event. 

Special Event Rule

  • This is a multi-life event after the first hour. Pilots may re-plane for another flight if they are shot down, killed, ditch, or otherwise cannot rearm on a friendly rearm pad after the first hour of play has expired.
  • Combatants may rearm at any friendly base.
  • Ordnance for each aircraft will be set by the setup CM in the hangar.
  • The attackers will have up to T+60 to make their initial attack.
  • Luftwaffe fighters MAY NOT strafe enemy ships. (No Exceptions) Ships that are destroyed by strafing will not be counted towards the total score.
  • Destroyed targets are down for the remainder of the frame.




Arena Settings

Terrain map: BOB40

 Fuel burn rate: 1.0

Anti-aircraft gun strength: 0.3

Bombsight calibration: AUTOMATIC (MA standard)

Icons: 3.0K yards (9,000 feet)

Sector Radar ("bar dar"): OFF

Dot Radar: OFF

Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52,800 feet (10 miles)

Tower range set to 79,200 feet (for display only, to match the above setting)

Haze range: 12 miles

Friendlycollisions: OFF

Enemy collisions: ON

Kill shooter: OFF 



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