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Crossing the Dnieper: Autumn 1943

Crossing the Dnieper: Autumn 1943

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During the last half of 1943, the Red Army had pushed its away up against the eastern banks of the Dnieper River. The Wehrmacht held the towns of Kiev, Cherkassy, Kremenchuk, and Dnieprom but the pressure mounted by late summer. Seemingly daily raids from above and from the gorund intruded into German territory along the Dnieper River. Both air forces were attacking and defending positions through the fall months during the Lower Dnieper Offensive.

Our event will focus on the fighting around the cities of Cherkassy and Kremenchuk in the fall of 1943.



Side Split: 50% Allies/50% Axis






MAX 20

FW 190A-5

MAX 12


 MIN 10

Bf 109G-6

 MIN 10


 MIN 10

Ju 88

MIN 10


Special Rules:

All aircraft have a 20K altitude cap.

Bomber alt cap is 16K.

Ordnance disabled on all fighters.



Aircraft - 1
Hangars - 5
City Buildings - 0.25
Recommended Skins List:

Arena Settings:

- Terrain: blacksea

- Clouds: light5k

- Fuel Burn: 1.0

- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy

- Ack: .3

- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52800 (about 10 miles)

- Tower range set to 52800 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/Fog: 15 miles

- Radar: Off

- Enemy collisions: on

- Friendly collisions: off

- Killshooter: off

- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock

- Formations: Off

- Formation Autopilot: On

- Bomber calibration: Automatic

- Wind:


2K-8K: S TO N - Speed 5

8K-16K: SW TO NE - Speed 10

16K-20K: SW to NE - Speed 15

20K+: 45 MPH Downwind

Area of Operations:



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