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Citadel on the Danube: Budapest 1944-45

       Citadel on the Danube: Budapest 1944-45        

By the winter of 1944-45, the Axis Powers on the Eastern Front crumbled under the weight of the onslaught of the Soviet Red Army. Over the preceding year, nearly all the Soviet territory that was once captured by Nazi Germany has been liberated, the Red Army have pushed into Poland and captured Romania, forcing the nation to switch sides in the war. Only one ally of Germany remains in the East to hold back the Red Army -  Hungary. 

Using Romania as a springboard, the Red Army has swept into eastern Hungary and captured the city of Debrecen. It then trained its sights westward, to the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The Budapest offensive began on October 29th. The plan was to drive the Axis defenders into Budapest and encircle the city to isolate them. The Soviet 2nd Ukrainian Front was tasked with the northern flank and the 3rd Ukrainian Front the southern flank. The encirclement was completed on December 26th, trapping over 75,000 Axis troops and 800,000 civilians in the pocket.

This FSO will recreate the fierce air action supporting the Soviet offensives and Axis relief attempts in the area of Budapest. 

Side Split 50/50


Hour 1 Aircraft

       Luftwaffe and Hungarian AF                              Soviet VVS    

Bf 109K-4

Max 12


Max 6

Bf 109G-14

Max 12


Max 24

Bf 109G-6

No Min or Max


No Min or Max

Fw 190F-8

Min 6 (See Rules)


Min 12

Me 410

Min 6


Hour 2 Aircraft

Bf 109G-6


Me 410


Ju 87D / Ju 87G-2 


Hour 2 Vehicles

Panther G (Only available between T+60 - T+75)

T-34/85 (Only available between T+60 - T+75)

Panzer IV H 


Jagdpanzer IV


Jagdpanzer 38(T) Hetzer

Jagdpanther (Su-85 sub)



SdKfz 251


Ordnance Restrictions:

Me 410 - Must take either the 2x 250Kg GP bombs or 2x 500Kg SAP Bombs. All other gun and rocket packages will be disabled.
Bf 109G-6 and G-14 - Wgr. 21 rockets disabled.
A-20G - Must take bombs. Available bomb loads will be limited to either the 2x 500 lb. or 4x 250 lb. internal bombs plus the 4x 250 lb. wing bombs. All other bomb loads will be disabled.
Ju 87D - 1800Kg bombs disabled 


Special Rules For Aircraft:

  • Alt Cap is 16K for all aircraft, 12K for any aircraft with ordnance.
  • Me 410 and A-20G must be used in the ground attack role.
  • At least six Fw 190F-8's must be used in the ground attack role and take a centerline bomb (wing ordnance is optional). Additional F-8's may be used in any role the CiC sees fit, including air-to-air.
  • Only the Me 410, Fw 190F-8, and A-20G will be awarded points for destroying static ground targets. (bunkers, hangers, guns, etc...)
  • Only the Fw 190F-8’s that launched with a centerline bomb will be awarded points for destroying static ground targets. (bunkers, hangers, guns, etc...) [This rule exists for the purpose of determining who gets scored as meeting the 6 attacker minimum.]
  • Hour 1 targets become invalid targets after T+60.
  • Hour 1 aircraft may only attack the Hour 2 Capture Objective or enemy GV's after completing their attack on the Hour 1 target and rearming.
  • IL-2's and Ju 87's will receive a X2 kill bonus for every GV destroyed.


Special Rules for GV Battle:

  • Only one Hour 2 Capture Objective base will be fought over per frame. One side attacks, the other defends. 
  • The Capture Objective base will not have any aircraft or vehicles enabled.
  • Destroying static ground targets. (bunkers, hangers, guns, etc...) at the Capture Objective base will not award any points. 
  • The Capture Objective base requires 30 troops to capture.
  • Side in control of the Capture Objective base at the end of frame will be awarded 25 points.
  • Attacking hangars at spawn bases is prohibited.
  • GV Icons will be set to 2.0K regardless if vehicle is moving or not. 



Aircraft (Excluding Stukas / IL-2)

3 Points

Stukas / IL-2

1 Point

Tanks / Tank Destroyers / Mobile AAA

3 Points

Transport Halftracks

1 Point


10 Points

Bunkers (Ord / Fuel / Barracks/ Radar)

3 Points

Ground Guns

0.5 Points

Town Building

0.25 Points

Capture Objective Ownership

25 Points


Arena Settings:

- Terrain: danubew
- Fuel Burn: 1.0
- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy for aircraft - 2K Friendly/Enemy for vehicles.
- ObjectHardnessMults[MPR] = 3.0
- Ack: .3
- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 63360 (about 12 miles)
- Tower range set to 63360 (for display only to match the above setting)
- Haze/Fog: 15 miles
- Radar: Off
- Enemy collisions: on
- Friendly collisions: off
- Killshooter: off
- Time: 1100 (10AM) Game Clock
- Clouds: light5kmed15k
- Wind: 0K-2K NO WIND
2K-12K: N TO S - Speed 5
12K-18K: N TO S  - Speed 10
18K+: 45MPH downdraft

Area of Operation:


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