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KOTH Description

King of the Hill Description

King Of The Hill picture, thanks to STICK of 327th

WHO: All Aces Highers are invited and encouraged to attend
WHEN: Twice a month. See homepage news section for next event or go to the KOTH bulletin board for more details.
WHERE: Special Events Arena
WHAT: Challenging, good natured fun with some of your fellow Aces High pilots
  • All participants meet at the field.
  • The reigning AH KOTH from the previous month will choose the plane for the first round.
  • Each time a round is won, the winner of that round chooses the plane for the next round.
  • Fuel and ammo loads are at each pilot's personal choice.
  • Attack and fighter aircraft are allowed for AH KOTH tourney play. No buffs.
  • Everyone takes off in different directions when the CM orders you to launch.
  • Follow the rules of engagement and shoot down as many as you can. You can see the complete rules for the most up to date list of rules.
  • Win 3 rounds and you are the AH KOTH (Aces High King of the Hill) for the month and can proudly proclaim yourself as the KOTH.

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