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Tournament of Champions

King Of The Hill

2015 Tournament Of Champions

The Tournament Of Champions is the last fight of the year between KOTH's best competitors. To get an invitation you must have won a KOTH or have been a wabbit this year. The winner of the TOC will earn an automatic invitation to the next TOC.The following people received invitations to the 2015 TOC and the means in which they earned it.
-2014 TOC Winner: Violator
The invitation list is:
Achilles, Afflux, Boxman, Bruv119, Carver, Cheech, Geaux, GEICO, GhostCDB, GlzzUhu, JunkyII, Killbot, Kruel,  Krupnski,  Joachim, Makayla Pervert, Ryyks,  Skyyr, TC, Tinydncr, Trogdor,  Violator, Xoas, Yarbles, YUCCA

December KOTH 1:  Cheech
December KOTH 2:  YUCCA
Wabbit: Trogdor

November KOTH1:  Yarbles
Wabbits: Makayla, Boxman, Geaux and Cheech
November KOTH2: Makayla
Wabbits: TC and Violator
October KOTH1: Yarbles
Wabbits: GlzzUhu, TC, and Tinydncr
October KOTH2: Bruv119
No Wabbits

September KOTH: YUCCA
Wabbit:  ryyks

August KOTH: KillBot
Wabbit: Carver

July KOTH: Violator
Wabbit: HOtard

June KOTH: Skyyr
No Wabbits: 

May KOTH: Achilles
Wabbit:   Kruel

April KOTH: JunkyII
Wabbits: GEICO, Afflux and Pervert

March KOTH:  Xoas
Wabbit:  Afflux

February KOTH: GEICO
Wabbits:   TC, GhostCDB

January KOTH:  Krupnski
Wabbit: Joach1m

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