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Here is an example by Tuk151. Tuk added some pictures to his orders which give is a WWII 'flavor' if you will. Many enjoy doing that. You can also tell that he included more information. Information that is not required, but could be helpful listing. Some of which included the active bases, targets and their locations, value of ground targets, arena settings, and wind. Squads were divided into 'strike packages' and he then listed those and included a strat map. Please note that in some routes/strike packages he has assigned two targets.

What is important to note is he also assigned multiple squads to those single routes, that had multiple targets. For example the blue strike package has a minimum of 65 aircraft to strike both targets. This tactic is only a problem when you have single squads assigned to attack multiple targets. If that single squad is wiped out after their 1st target they would never reach their 2nd target leaving a squad to circle a base for 2 hours that would never be attacked. 

*When possible orders and graphics were displayed exactly as given. 


High Blue Battle

Frame 3


Hello Allied Pilots,

     As you have noticed, we have flown deeper into occupied France in past events. There are still a few targets on, and around the coast. Most targets are deep into France. Preparations for the allied landings have gotten underway. It is once again, our job to strike deep across the channel into France. Let's push them back!

     We will attack 7 targets inside France in this operation. Allied Planes and pilots are fewer than the earlier operations. I have put together a plan using attack airplanes and large bomber groups. Escorts will have a tough job, but I know you can hold your own against the enemy.

Have fun and good luck guys, Tuk151



These bases can be used to launch from, all OOB a/c are available. Any friendly base can be used to refuel or rearm during the frame. A/c may land at frame end at any friendly base.


A33 at 14.7.6

A41 at 12.5.7

A42 at 13.5.1

A65 at 17.10.7

A68 at 16.12.6

A70 at 18.14.6

V99 at 8.6.6

AAA Factory at 17.7.8

Allied Squad List:

! 68th Lightning Lancers !               68Falcon   22 - 27    Allied           

*LYNCHMOB*                               pope14     11 - 15    Allied            

13 MPG                                   Markakis     11 - 15    Allied *Frame 3 CiC*   

325th Checkertails VFG                   CUTT       11 - 15    Allied           

327th Steel Talons                       Newman     4 - 6      Allied            

332nd Flying Mongrels                    daddog     16 - 21    Allied           

334th FS The Eagles                      Fencer     11 - 15    Allied           

353rd Fighter Group                      Jaxxon     16 - 21    Allied           

357th Death Dragons                      Bomber49   4 - 6      Allied    

412th Braunco Mustangs                   SkatSr     7 - 10     Allied           

5th Air Force                            Stoney74   4 - 6      Allied           

Arabian Knights                          AKDogg     16 - 21    Allied           

CLAIM JUMPERS                            unclkurt   22 - 27    Allied           

Jokers Jokers                            Twizzty    11 - 15    Allied           

LCA                                      DakOne     16 - 21    Allied           

MAG-7                                    Ponyace    7 - 10     Allied           

The Blind Bats                           DREDger    7 - 10     Allied

The Unforgiven                           Mystic2    16 - 21    Allied           

VF-17 Jolly Rogers                       Tex01      11 - 15    Allied           

Total Commitments                       

Min:       223        Max:       297          

Special Rules and Ordnance Restrictions:

All aircraft types must be used in all three frames with a minimum of *12 players* per type. Formations are enabled. No Axis a/c may go "feet dry" over England AT ANY TIME in the event. The Axis have no attack objectives in this setup.    


Aircraft Pts


All bombers: 10 pts

All fighters: 2 pts

Ground Target Pts


0.1 pts= Gun

3 pts = Ammo Bunker

3 pts = Barracks

3 pts = Radar

25 pts = Vehicle Hangar

25 pts = Fighter Hangar

25 pts = Bomber Hangar

3 pts = Town Building

3 pts = Factory at strategic target

1 pt = Truck in convoy

2 pts = Train

Arena Settings:

- BoB04 Map

- Fuel burn 1.0

- Icons short (3k)

- 0.5 Ack

- Fighter and Bomber warning range 42,000 (about 8 miles)

- Tower range set to 42,000 (for display only to match the above setting)

- Haze/fog full visibility (17 miles)

- Radar off

- Enemy Collisions On

- Friendly collisions off

- Killshooter off

- Time: 15:00 ( 3PM ) Game Clock

- Formations: On

- Bomber calibration: Auto ( MA style )

- Task Group Hardness 2.0

- Wind: 0-2K   NO WIND

        2K-18K  NE TO SW - Speed 5

        18K-25K  N TO S - Speed 10

        25k+   N TO S - Speed 15


Please note the updated rules:


Axis Bishop

Allied Knight

CM Rook

Command Vox: 150

Command Text: 150

Will be monitoring Country Channel also..           


Yellow Strike Package

Claim Jumpers (22-27,unclkurt)  (P51b)  Load out--Fuel Co?s  Discretion. Duty = Escort the  Strike Leader,

!68th Lightning Lancer! (22-27,68falcon)(B24) Loadout---Fuel Co?s Discretion, (8, 1000lb bombs) Duty = Strike Leader

This will be 2 large squads, one bombing, the other escorting on a long ride.

The 68th will be Strike Leader, and will use their escorts as they want them.

Launch from A14 and proceed along the Yellow

  route to targets. Targets: A68 (16-12-kp6), A70(18-14-kp6)

Strike leader will set altitude to his discretion.  Must reach last target before t+60.

***Please Note as of Nov 2009 striking two or more targets with a massed group is no longer allowed***

The 68th, should bring their bombers home after strike and land them. Will not be enough time to go back.

The Claim Jumpers are asked to rearm, and help the Purple Strike Group (target A65) upon their return.

CO?s please contact each other before event, to discuss strategies.


Purple Strike Package

353rd Fighter Group (16-21,Jaxxon) P47 D-25 (4 cans + Drop tank, 2(1000lb) bombs

Duty = Strike Leader

Mag-7 (7-10,Ponyace)   P47 D-11  (4 cans + Drop tank) Duty = Escort

412th Braunco Mustangs (7-10,SkatSr) P38J (4 cans + drop tank) Duty = Escort

Launch from A15 and follow the Purple route to target. Target: A65 (17-10-kp8). Strike Lead will set altitude upon his request. Must reach target before t+60. Escorts will be under strike lead control to enter the target and get the cap.

This will be heavy juggs with escorts. Get in, drop, and get out .  Strike lead will evaluate damage, and return home to rearm if necessary You will have time to back.

CO?s please contact each other before event, to discuss strategies.

Claim Jumpers will be at your service after they return from their attack.

Green Strike Package

Jokers Jokers (11-15,Twizzty) P47 D-25 (4 cans + Drop tank, 2(1000lb) bombs,

 Duty = Strike Leader

The Unforgiven (16-21,Mystic2) P47 D-11 Duty = Sweep /Escort

Launch from A20 and follow Green route to target. Target : V99(8-6-kp6). Strike Leader, tell your escorts what you want for the attack.  Lay waste to v99 and leave it burning.

Give me a citrep on the damage Twizzty.  If a rearm and return is necessary, you will go back.  If first attack is successful, rearm  and all of you  help  escort  Blue strike package home.

CO?s please contact each other before event, to discuss strategies.


Blue Strike Package                  

334th FS The Eagles (11-15,Fencer) B26B (Fuel Co?s Discretion, 4(1000lb) bombs

Duty = Strike Lead

Vf-17 Jolly Rogers (11-15,Tex01) B-25c/Mitchell II ( Fuel CO?s Discretion, 6(500lb) Bombs. Duty = Strike

LCA (16-21,DakOne) B26B(min 12) (Fuel Co?s Discretion 4(1000lb) Bombs. Duty Strike. / P38J (Fuel Co?s Discretion) Duty = Escort

332nd Flying Mongrels (16-21,Daddog) Spit IX (Fuel ,every drop you can get) Duty = Sweep /Escort

325th Checkertails VFG (11-15,Cutt) P47 D-11 (4 cans + Drop tank) Duty = Escort

Launch from A9  and  follow Strike leader to targets. Targets A41(12-5-kp7) then to A42(13-2-kp2).

The 32nd Flying Mongrels will be in spitfires and will not be able to go the whole way. Strike Leader(Fencer), send them on a sweep that will pave the road for you. Flying Mongrels will go as far as possible, and return to base for rearm. The rest of Blue strike package will hit target, then rtb to base. I am vectoring a lot of escorts to help your trip  home. Escorts are under the Strike Leaders control. This will be a 1 trip deal for the bombers, get them home.

CO?s please contact each other before event, to discuss strategies.


Red Strike Package                        

5th Air Force (4-6,Stoney74) B-17G (12(500lb)Bombs, Fuel Co?s Discretion. Duty = Strike Leader

The Blind Bats (7-10,DREDger) B-17G  (12(500lb)Bombs, Fuel Co?s Discretion. Duty = Strike

13 MPG (11-15,Markakis) B-17G (12(500lb)Bombs, Fuel Co?s Discretion. Duty = Strike

327th Steel Talons (4-6,Newman!) P38J (4 cans + Drop tank). Duty = Escort

*Lynchmob* (11-15, Pope14) P51B (4 cans + Drop tanks) Duty = Escort

Arabian Knights (16-21, AKDogg) Spit8 (every drop you can get)  Duty = Sweep/Escort

Targets: A41(12-5-kp7), Ammo factory (17-7-kp8).

Arabian Knights will execute a sweep inland,  traveling between A44 and A45. I want you to get somewhere close in between A33 , A34.  Sweep that area and return to base as soon as you reach the point of  no return. Note : AK?s, hit them hard with your sweep, then return home, maybe they will follow. Watch your fuel!

The Strike force with escorts, will hit A33, then the troop factory.

Stoney74 will be Strike leader, and he will be in control of escorts and bombers to targets. Once targets are hit, return home. This will also be a 1 trip deal for the bombers. Arabian Knights?, rearm and escort remaining attack group home.

CO?s please contact each other before event, to discuss strategies.

Designer?s Notes:

  1. Please get with Co?s of other squads for Attack Communication. We the 13th Mpg have been talking with other Co?s  before the start of the FSO?s. It really helps in a situation like this, when there is a Strike Leader.
  2. Protect the Bombers on their way home, they will appreciate your help.
  3. Watch your Fuel!
  4. We should hit our last targets before t+60.
  5. Try to land all aircraft before the end of the event.
  6. Reinsert yourself as a gunner for someone, if you have been killed or landed.
  7. I will be attaching some Small airfield  information for the bombers. This will give you a better look at the targets on the field. Will also try a new map with note pads for writing on.
  8. I (TUK151) will be on vacation Friday. Will be our second, annual Squad gathering. I will not be flying.  I will have internet connection, and will be on command vox 150. If something happens to my connection, my Deputy CiC (O2B1ace) will take over under my command.
  9. Please excuse my informal manor  of discussion.
  10. Enjoy yourself guys! This, is a great historical enactment of what really happened.

.Special thanks, DropFlpz(13MPG) for the maps, 02b1ace(13MPG) for the pics. Wife(Marcie) for the help with Microsoft Word.


Any questions or comments e-mail me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Enjoy the frame, and good luck all!  Tuk151..

Happy Memorial Day to all?



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