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Breaking Gustav - 1944

 ?Breaking Gustav? 1944

After  Operations Baytown, Slapstick, and Avalanche the Allies has a secure hold on southern Italy.  Between the Allies and Rome stood 15 Divisions of the German army.  They army had a fortified line of defenses from East coast to the West coast south of Rome with orders from Hitler to hold the Allies at bay.  This was known as the Gustav Line.
After gaining air superiority, Allied air forces where tasked with breaking supply lines and weakening the Gustav line.  Railroads, communication, and bridges where the primary targets of this effort.  Over 1000 sorties per day hit targets in Northern Italy and gave close support to ground troops.
This FSO will attempt to recreate some of this action with playability concerns taken into account.  As we have no targetable bridges, railroads  Factories and bases will be used as targets.


-Single Eng. AC: 5 pts
-Dual Eng. AC: 10 pts
-Quad Eng. AC: 15pts

-Each side will be awarded a percentage based on destroyed/undestroyed items

Small AF - Total of 293 points.
Port - Total of 224 points.
Radar STRAT - Total of 413 points.
Fuel STRAT - Total of 370 points.
AAA STRAT - Total of 375 points.

Side Balance:
Allies: 50% - Knight
Axis: 50% - Bishop

Plane Set:

P51-b(max of 24_No external ord)
Spit MkIX (max 32)
B24 (max of 18)

Fw190A5(max of 72)
C205 (Max of 24)

Arena Settings:
-Terrain: Italy_1
-Fuel: 1.0
-AutoAck: .5
-Fighter/Bomber/tower range: 48,000
-Icons: 3k (9000 in arena settings)
-Fog: 17miles
-Winds:  Will vary per frame and be listed in objectives
-Radar: off
-Enemy Collisions: on
-Friendly collisions: off
-Killshooter: off
-Bombsite Calibration: Manual
-Time: Will vary per frame and be listed in Objectives.
- Formations on

Special Notes:
All aircraft, except those with a stated maximum, must have at least 24 used per frame.
P51B may not carry external Ordnance.
Any friendly base may be used for rearming/landing.
All Targets must be attacked in force by T+60.

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