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Mountbatten's Melee 42



Operation Jubilee brought about some of the fiercest aerial combat since the Battle of Britain raged over the
shores, towns and countrysides of England back in 1940. The RAF employed 72 squadrons of aircraft; 48
squadrons of Spitfires, 8 squadrons of Hurricanes, 4 squadrons of Mustang Is, 3 squadrons of Typhoons,
6 squadrons of Bostons, 1 Blenheim squadron, and 2 squadrons of USAAF B-17s in addition to several other
types of aircraft in support of operations. 

The RAF was opposed by two wings of Luftwaffe fighters from JG 2 and JG 26 comprising 190 aircraft. Attack
support was provided from KG 2 and elements of anti-shipping support from KG 53, KG 40 and KG 77. The
RAF paid a heavy price for their foray into France that day, August 19, 1942. The Luftwaffe held the keys to
the clouds with its heavy deployments of the FW190A fighters and Jabos, which wrestled air superiority from
the Allies over the beaches. The aerial combat was so heavy and continuous that the invasion fleet remained
in peril from the beginning of the attack until the end even with the RAF aerial umbrella overhead. 

Country Percentage

Axis 50%

Allies 50%

Event Planeset









Spitfire V



Max 16

Spitfire IX



Min 12

Typhoon IB

Max 12

Ju88A-4  Min 10

Boston III

Min 10

Hurricane IIC 

Min 16



Planeset Ordnance




Ord Type


Ord Type

FW190 Jabo

(1) 500 Kg Bomb

Boston III

(4) 500 lb. Bombs


(4) 250 Kg Bombs

Hurricane IIC

(2) 500 Ib. Bombs

HE111H (8) 250 Kg Bombs    

Victory Conditions

Both sides will work to achieve set objectives for their side. If both sides achieve the set objectives, the frame
will be scored as a draw. The Axis side will have shipping as their target type for all three frames. The Allied
side will have stationary bases and city targets that amount to a close equivalent of the Axis targets in quantity
value. The target list for each side will be furnished by the host CM. 

An example of the target objectives for the event are listed below;

Frame 1

Axis Targets (Shipping 11,9)

Allied Targets (P195, A116, City 12,8)

(2) Cruisers

50 City objects 12,8

(6) Destroyers

VH, FH and Radar @ P195


White Flag town at A116


Frame 2

Axis Targets (Shipping 12,8)

Allied Targets (P195, A116, City 12,8)

(2) Cruisers

All hangars @ A116

(6) Destroyers

50 City objects 12,8


Frame 3

Axis Targets (Shipping 12,9)

Allied Targets (P195, A116, City 12,8)

(2) Cruisers

50 City objects 12,8

(6) Destroyers

VH, FH and Radar @ P195


Ammo and Fuel Bunkers @ A116


Possible victory conditions;

  • Axis completes all of its assigned objectives and Allies fall short.
    • Frame scored to the Axis.
  • Allies complete all of its assigned objectives and Axis falls short.
    • Frame scored to the Allies
  • Axis and Allies both complete their assigned objectives.
    • The frame scored as a draw.


Special Event Rules

  • This is a single-life event. Pilots may not re-plane for another flight if they are shot down, killed, ditch, or
    otherwise cannot rearm on a friendly rearm pad.
  • Combatants may rearm at any friendly base.
  • Ordnance for each aircraft will be set by the setup CM in the hangar.
  • Hangars and ships will be given a destruction weight of 3000 lbs.
  • The attackers will have up to T+60 to make their initial attack.
  • The bomber and Jabos/FBs alt cap is 12K and the fighter alt cap is 20K.
  • Destroyed targets are down for the remainder of the frame.
  • The Allied fleet will have 20mm guns available for defense.


Scoring will be based on the final result and completion of assigned objectives for each frame. Players will know the results and winner of each frame by frame's end.

  • Aircraft have no point value.
  • Ships and hard targets have no point value.

The destruction and achievement of an individual objective counts progressively towards the victory by frame’s end.

Arena Settings

  • Terrain map: BOF44 (2020)

  • Fuel burn rate: 1.0

  • Anti-aircraft gun strength: 0.3

  • Bombsight calibration: AUTOMATIC (MA standard)

  • Icons: 3.0K yards (9,000 feet)

  • Sector Radar ("bar dar"): OFF

  • Dot Radar: OFF

  • Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52,800 feet (10 miles)

  • Tower range set to 79,200 feet (for display only, to match the above setting)

  • Haze range: 12 miles

  • Friendlycollisions: OFF

  • Enemy collisions: ON

  • Kill shooter: OFF

  • Stall Limiter: Set ON (Players may disable)

  • TownDownForCapturePer: 0.7500

-- Wind:

 Altitude    Speed      Direction

   00 - 02K      0         NO WIND

   02 - 10K      05        W -> E

   10 - 18K      13        W -> E

   18 - 20K      27        W -> E

   20K+          -199      DOWNDRAFT 75MPH

-- Arena Clock:

Frame 1        0715    (7:15 AM, Morning)

Frame 2        0900    (9:00 AM, Morning)

Frame 3        1400   (2:00 PM, Afternoon)

-- Weather:

Cumulus Clouds at 6 and 12 thousand over the target areas and up the French coast.

-- Historical Combat Skins:



Stab II./JG 26 by Devil505

9./JG 2 by Devil505 (Jabo)
10.(Jabo)/JG 2 by Devil505
III./JG 2 by Kweassa
III./JG 26 by Devil505
III./JG 26 by Kweassa
4./JG 2 by Devil505

5./KG 77 by Greebo
Ku106 by Greebo

  Stab./Kg 53 by Devil505


 Spitfire V
 31FG/308FS by Player1
 310S/RAF by 417jocko
 303S by Kazan

 Spitfire IX
 401S RCAF by Greebo
 402S AE-B by Jocko417
 64S RAF by Greebo
 611S RAF by Greebo

 Typhoon IB
 609S by Greebo
 56S RAF by Greebo

 Boston III
 88FS by BH3841 (Default)

 Hurricane IIC
 174S/RAF by Greebo


Designer Notes:

Designed by AKWarHwk

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