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KOTH Rules

Rules of Aces High King of the Hill

  The Rules Of Engagement for KOTH.
1) Fighter, Fighter/Attack, and some Bomber/Attack planes can be used.
* Fuel and Ammo is pilot's choice.
  * No Bombs or rockets allowed.
  * Fuel Burn is 2.0 (same as MA)
* Do not use rear guns on attack planes during the fight.
  * It is ok to empty the rear guns on climbout before "Fight on" is announced.
* No B5N2, Ju 88A-4, B25's, B26's,or Ki-67.
2) ALL players will take off from the same field.
3) Upon launching, do your best to get separation on the rest of your opponents. A icon separation of 5K
   minimum is required, try to get out of icon range if at all possible.
 * If you are under 5k range when the Host CM calls "NoJoy Time", the 'NoJoy' rule applies.
* NoJoy rule means you CAN'T engage a person within 5k range when 'Fights On' is called by the Host CM
  if you or someone called NoJoy.
  * You both must find someone else to fight first.
  * If BOTH people agree to fight after separating they can cancel their nojoy.
4) Skirting the edge of the fight is NOT allowed.
* Either be IN a fight, or headed TO the closest fight at all times!
* Running (refusing to engage) for an extended period of time is NOT allowed.
  * After 30 seconds you must reverse and merge.
  * If someone is extending longer then 30secs., Say on vox 101, the name of the person and a Host CM will
5) If eliminated, bail out and exit flight (.ef) immediately.
* You are eliminated if you:
  * Break the 6K alt cap, you can NOT go above 6k.
  * Cannot maintain powered and controlled flight (see 6)
  * Run out of fuel (see 6)
  * Run out of ammo (see 6)
  * Your Plane catches fire (see 6)
6) If you are one of the last two, anything goes.
* fight to the death!
* Anything means, you can run out ammo, fuel, plane on fire,
  lose parts, No engine, oil hits, radiator hits, etc.
7) Winner of previous round picks the plane for the next
* You can choose any plane that is allowed in KOTH as
  many times as you want.
8 ) Win three rounds and you win the event and are KOTH
  for the month
9) It is strongly suggested you run film for every
  round you fly in. If any complaints, issues or questions
  arise, your film is the only proof we will accept. Think
  of your film as your lawyer if any problems come up.
* KOTH wins will be announced after 1 week.
10) Chat rule.
 * Text chat is only allowed on squad and range channel,
   room channel only in tower.
 * Minimal chat on Vox or text on 101 or country channel.
 * A "good fight" or is allowed.
 * No 'Check6's allowed at any time.

11) No joining other peoples planes at any time!
12) No Winging! ( dog-piling on a two time winner is NOT winging. )
 * Winging is a coordinated attack on a single plane or when engaged with multiple targets
  passing up obvious shots or maneuvering deliberately away from 1 plane to get the other first.
 * You can dogpile or gang up on the Wabbit only. ( Wabbit= two round winner. )
 * You can not pass up a fight to get to the Wabbit.
13) If you earn an invitation to the TOC under a certain gameID, ONLY that gameID will be allowed
  to fly in the TOC.


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