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FSO & Walk Ons

Why no walk on players

A walk on player is someone who does not normally fly with an FSO squad and enters the Special Events Arena, (SEA) and, (this is the important part) on country or some other open channel asks for a ride, or for a squad to pick them up so they can participate. Once that is done, they are viewed as a walk on player by all CM's.

Walk on players often don't realize that the SEA is a completely different animal than the MA. They can hurt friendly's with friendly fire, some targets are not to be attacked, squads have specific missions to accomplish, they can't just keep re-uping after shot down, and a host of other differences. Walk on players can easily lessen the FSO experience for the regulars and make life more difficult for the CM's. Especially the CM's who have to manage and then score the event.

Walk on players have no onus toward FSO. They could wipe out squads on the runway with rockets or letting loose with some cannon rounds. Dozens of players would have to reup, and they have the potential to even cause more problems later on in the frame.

Any player who wants to participate in FSO, but their squad does not, MUST contact a squad prior to the frame via the forums, PM's, e-mails, etc. If they are welcomed by that squad and are allowed to participate, then, when they come into the SEA they must contact the hosting squad directly.

Even if a player contacted a squad prior and went through the proper steps, but then asks on country channel for a ride in FSO they will be considered a walk on from that moment on and will have lost their chance to participate for that frame. As squad C.O.'s or flight leaders you must emphasize your guest is to contact their hosting squad directly on their squad channel.

Any squad accepting a walk on player will be warned once and then removed from FSO.

If you see a walk on asking for a ride, politely explain they are not allowed and ask them to contact a squad prior. If you see a squad accepting a walk on please PM's the hosting CM's and let them know.

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