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A “Maximum Effort” mission was called by the USAAF and RAF when analysis of a target’s importance to the German war effort was sighted as being vital. A Maximum Effort would bring all available forces to bare on these identified targets. In most cases these targets would represent entire German industries such as oil production, armor and aircraft manufacturing, and ball bearing plants.


Operation Pointblank was the initiative placed upon the Allied Bomber offensive to cripple the German fighter strength. This mission not only belonged to the Mighty Eight Air Force, but also to the Fifteen Air Force as well. The Fifteenth USAAF based in southeast Italy, used it’s bombardment divisions to attack the German fighter industry in Italy, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungry as well as Germany and Greece. The Fifteenth USAAF flew corresponding missions with the Eight Air Force to apply the Maximum Force possible on these German targets and war industries.

Join the AH FSO Team in this explosive high altitude fighter escort and fighter-interceptor style event in “Maximum Effort II – Italy 1944. 

Country Percentage

Axis 45%

Allies 55%

Event Planeset


Min - Max



Min - Max







Min 12



Min 12


Max 12



Min 10

Macchi C205

Max 8



Min 8



Min 8


Ordnance Loadout


12x 500 lb. GP Bombs


12x 500 lb. GP Bombs

Victory Conditions

The attacking force is challenged with destroying 100% of the primary target in a single pass over the target. If the initial pass fails the attacking force can still win the frame by destroying 100% of the secondary target in one pass. If this is not possible the attackers can win the frame with having destroyed 90% of the primary target and 70% of the secondary target in a single pass over both targets. All percentages are rounded up. The targets on each base include all VHs, FHs, and BHs. No other targets will be counted towards goal completion.

Diamaond = Primary Target

Square = Secondary Target

Circle = Active Base


Special Event Rules

  • This is a single-life event. Pilots may not re-plane for another flight if they are shot down, killed, ditch, or otherwise cannot rearm on a friendly rearm pad.
  • Combatants may rearm at any friendly base.
  • Ordnance for each aircraft will be set by the setup CM in the hangar.
  • All targeted objects will retain their normal MA destruction weight.
  • The attackers will have up to T+60 to make their initial attack, otherwise they will be unable to win the frame.
  • The bomber alt cap is 20K and the fighter alt cap is unlimited.
  • Destroyed targets are down for the remainder of the frame.
  • If the primary target is not 100% destroyed in a single pass, the attackers must attempt an attack on the secondary target.
  • A second bomber attack in not allowed on either the primary or secondary targets.
  • Interceptors may not proceed or attack south of the Gustav Line.
  • All aircraft must be recovered/landed by frame's end.


Scoring will be based on the final results and completion of assigned objectives for each frame. Players will know the results and winner of each frame by frame's end.

  • Aircraft have no point value.
  • All targets will retain the same destruction weight as does the MA configuration.

The destruction of each objective counts progressively towards the victory by frame’s end.

Arena Settings

  • •Terrain map: Italy
  • •Fuel burn rate: 1.0
  • •Anti-aircraft gun strength: 0.4
  • •Bombsight calibration: AUTOMATIC (MA standard)
  • •Icons: 3.0K yards (9,000 feet)
  • •Sector Radar ("bar dar"): OFF
  • •Dot Radar: OFF
  • •Fighter and Bomber warning range: 79,200 feet (15 miles)
  • •Tower range set to 79,200 feet (for display only, to match the above setting)
  • •Haze range: 12 miles
  • •Friendlycollisions: OFF
  • •Enemy collisions: ON
  • •Kill shooter: OFF
  • •Stall Limiter: Set ON (Players may disable)


 Altitude    Speed      Direction

   00 - 02K      0         NO WIND

   02 - 10K      05        W -> E

   10 - 18K      13        W -> E

   18 - 20K      27        W -> E

   20 - 50K+    35        DOWNDRAFT 


Scattered cloud at 12k over the target area.

Arena Clock:

Frame 1        0815    (8:15 AM, Morning)

Frame 2        1130    (11:30 AM, Morning)

Frame 3        1400    (2:00 PM, Afternoon)

Historical Combat Skins:



6./JG53 by Larry

7./Jg 53 by Devil5O5

4./Jg 77 by Devil5O5


II/SG4 by Jawzzy


1 Squadriglia ANR by Greebo

1st Squadriglia ANR by Greebo



31FG/307FS by Vraciu

31FG/309FS by Vraciu

52FG/334FS by TDeacon

325FG/318FS By Vraciu

332FG/CAF by Vraciu


57FG/65FS by Greebo

325FG/317FS by Greebo

332FG/302FS by Greebo

350FS/353FG by Player1

79FG/86FS by Greebo


1FG/94FS by Greebo


97BG/414BS by HornetUK

97BG/341BS by HornetUK

97BG/340BS by HornetUK

97BG/342BS by HornetUK

483BG/815BS by Kev367th


459BG/756BS by Greebo

449th BG/719th BS by Greebo

Designer Notes:

AKWarHwk March 2021

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