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Rommel's Ridge: Battle of Alam el Halfa


The First Battle of El Alamein (July 1942) ended in an Axis defeat due to inadequate support. A month later, Rommel re-grouped and turned his sights to the south of El Alamein, to the British stronghold at Alam el Halfa. Prior to the Second Battle of El Alamein, the Battle of Alam el Halfa is the last offensive that Rommel conducts.

This battle, still ending in an Axis defeat, is a prelude to the Second Battle of El Alamein. While this battle is generally considered to be a lull between two storms, both sides fought viciously on the ground and attempted to achieve air supremacy.

This FSO attempts to re-create this lesser-known battle.

Allies: 52% / Axis 48%

Order of Battle:

Desert Air Force

Luftwaffe/Regia Aeronautica

Spitfire Mk V


Bf 109F-4


P-40E (Fighterbomber)


Bf 109E-4 (Jabo)


Hurricane Mk II (Fighterbomber)


Bf 110C-4b (Jabo)



MIN 10


MIN 10


Loadout Restrictions:

Hurricane Mk II – No 4x 20mm
P-40F - No 500lb bomb 


Fighter Alt Cap: 18K
Jabo Alt Cap: 14K
Aircraft denoted as (Fighterbomber) or (Jabo) must carry bombs and attack for sortie 1 to satisfy the T+60 credible force rule.


Fighters – 1
Jabos – 3
Hangars – 20
Bunkers - 5

Arena Settings:

- Terrain: egypt
- Fuel Burn: 1.0
- Clouds: med5kmed15k
- Icons: 3K Friendly/Enemy
- Ack: .3
- Fighter and Bomber warning range: 63360 (about 12 miles)
- Tower range set to 63360 (for display only to match the above setting)
- Haze/Fog: 15 miles
- Radar: Off
- Enemy collisions: on
- Friendly collisions: off
- Killshooter: off
- Time: 1000 (10AM) Game Clock
- Formations: On
- Formation Autopilot: On
- Bomber calibration: Automatic
- Wind: 0K-2K NO WIND
2K-8K: S TO N - Speed 5
8K-14K: SW to NE - Speed 10
14K-18K: S to N - Speed 15
18K+: 45MPH Downdraft


Area of Operations:


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