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D-DAY "White Flag"

B 26v109

D-DAY “White Flag”



Following the D-Day invasion and the great “Breakout” during Operation Cobra, the 9th USAAF was tasked to clear the way for the 3rd US Army to reach Paris. The 9th USAAF, which was the mobile tactical arm of the US Army Air Force in western Europe, moved to France on July 16, 1944. From western France, they began operations to clear the road of Wehrmacht artillery, panzers, and soldiers. As 3rd Army tank columns rolled towards Paris, 9th USAAF fighter-bombers would fly ahead and spot potential ambushes and roadblocks. These pilots communicated directly to the forward air controllers riding along with the tank columns. The FAC was a USAAF officer that received communications from the 9th USAAF Fighter-Bombers and gave instructions to these aircraft on what needed to be targeted.  

Level bombers got into the act by flying thousands of sorties to destroy troop movements, railroad junctions, railroad sidings, bridges, radar, and communications centers. By the time of this action, most of the 9th Air Force’s bombers were the Martin B-26B Marauder. Even though the aircraft was dubbed the widow maker because of the large number of training accidents that occurred in the aircraft, new modifications to the airframe and changes in flight training reduced training accidents almost completely. By the end of the war, the B-26 was the safest and most survivable bomber in the US Air Force inventory.

The Luftwaffe was beginning to see a serious reduction in strength due to constant combat from early 1943 through to D-Day, where only two Luftwaffe sorties were seen to have penetrated the massive fighter screen of the RAF and USAAF. Missions from Operation POINTBLANK, which targeted the German Aircraft Industry, pounded away at Luftwaffe aerodromes and fighters in the low countries and France until the bases that JG 26 and JG 2 were stationed on had to be moved farther inland towards Germany where Allied bombers and fighters faced greater risk to attack.

Event Challenge 

This Aces High FSO event will focus on lower altitude Allied attacks against German infrastructure; Towns, Vehicle hangars, and Troop Barracks, Ordnance bunkers, and Radars. The Allies will attack and the Axis will defend.


Side Split

Allies: 55%

Axis: 45%


Plane Set






Min - Max


Min - Max




12 Min


20 Max


8 Min


12 Min



FW190A-5 10 Max




20 Max

Allied fighter pilots may choose their version of the aircraft assigned.


Victory Conditions

The Allies will be charged with clearing the way for Allied Armored columns racing to rendezvous in Paris.

Each frame will be a victory for the Allies provided the following conditions exist at frames end;

  1. The target base must have its town “white flagged” by the close of the frame.
  2. The Vehicle Hangar on the target base must be destroyed.
  3. There must be three barracks objects destroyed on the target base.
  4. The ordnance bunkers on the target base must be destroyed.
  5. The Radar tower on the target base must be destroyed.

The absence of these conditions by the frame’s end will cause a victory for the Luftwaffe.


Special Event Rules and Restrictions

  • This is a single-life event. Pilots may not re-plane for another flight if they are shot down, killed, ditch, or otherwise cannot rearm on a friendly rearm pad.
  • Combatants may rearm at any friendly base.
  • Ordnance for each aircraft will be set by the setup CM in the hangar.
  • All targeted objects will retain their normal MA destruction weight.
  • The attackers will have up to T+75 to make their initial attack.
  • The bomber alt cap is 14K and the fighter alt cap is 24K.
  • Destroyed targets are down for the remainder of the frame.
  • The Axis will have access to manned ground guns at the targeted base(s).
  • Allied fighters MAY attack all applicable targets.
  • Recovering to a friendly base by the end of the frame will not be necessary.
  • Only Town objects, the VH, Barracks, Ordnance bunkers, and the Radar tower are live targets for this event. Any other ground target will not count towards the victory conditions.



Active Bases




A137 (Bf109G-6 Only)


A169 (Bombers Only)

A133 (Fighters Only)


Ordnance Distribution

Allied aircraft except for the P-51 may carry bombs. Luftwaffe aircraft will have no ordnance available.

Allied aircraft will only have the 500 lb. bomb available as an ordnance choice.

The Axis will have the 30 mm canon choice removed for the FW190A-8 only.


Targets and Scoring

White flagged town + VH destroyed + Three destroyed barracks objects + All ordnance bunkers + Radar tower = Frame Victory


Arena Settings

  • Terrain map: BOF44
  • Fuel burn rate: 1.0
  • Anti-aircraft gun strength: 0.3
  • Bombsight calibration: AUTOMATIC (MA standard)
  • Icons: 3.0K yards (9,000 feet)
  • Sector Radar ("bar dar"): OFF
  • Dot Radar: OFF
  • Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52,8000 feet (10 miles)
  • Tower range set to 52,800 feet (for display only, to match the above setting)
  • Haze range: 18 miles
  • Friendlycollisions: OFF
  • Enemy collisions: ON
  • Kill shooter: OFF
  • Stall Limiter: Set ON (Players may disable)



Altitude    Speed      Direction

    00 - 02K      0         NO WIND

    02 - 10K      05        SW -> NE

    10 - 18K      13        SW -> NE

    18 - 24K      27        SW -> NE

    24K -  DOWNDRAFT + 90 Knots



Mostly Cloudy at 24K

Scattered Clouds from 13k to 14k in a 12-mile radius around the target.


Frame Clock

Frame 1        9:00    (9:00 AM, Morning)

Frame 2        11:00    (11:00 AM, Morning)

Frame 3        15:00    (3:00 PM, Afternoon)


Designer Notes:

  Designed by AKWarHwk

  There are no points associated with scoring the event.


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