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West to Warsaw: December 1944

Yak3 1

Operation Bagration was the codename for the Soviet 1944 Belorussian Strategic Offensive Operation that occurred between June 22 and August 19th 1944. In Apr 1944, Soviet leaders created a plan to attack the 'German Group Center'. In order to prevent the Germans from detecting the build up of forces before the action, a deceptive operation was planned to throw off the Germans. On 17 Apr the first deceptive tactic was employed to prepare for Bagration, which was to switch the entire Soviet front to a defensive mode by ceasing major offensives and to construct defensive structures. Later, when the Soviet forces in the area could mean nothing but an assault, Soviet forces started to spread false intelligence that the offensive was to be made against Army Group South in Ukraine, reinforcing something that the German originally expected.

The Germans fell for the deceptions as most of the armor in the German reserves were transferred to northern Ukraine, leaving Army Group Center in the north without proper reinforcements. Other factors such as the reaction to the western Allies' Normandy invasion also weakened the available forces on the Soviet front for the Germans. They were weakened further by Hitler's denial to allow for a pull back to shorten the front lines and a the addition of a no retreat policy.

On June 22,1944, the Soviets launched massive air attacks. The next day (one day after the third anniversary of the German invasion) the Red Army moved forward under cover of darkness. The numbers involved dwarfed that of D-Day over 1,700,000 Soviet troops and 6,000 armor rushing against 34 surprised German divisions, nearly achieving a 10-to-1 numerical advantage with armor and 7-to-1 with aircraft. The German lines fell apart quickly, and Minsk fell under Soviet control on 3 Jul. Ten days later, Soviet troops reached the Polish border. By the end of Jul 1944, the entire Army Group Center ceased to exist, losing 300,000 men to death and 120,000 to capture. Over 2,000 tanks were lost as well. On the Soviet side, 60,000 were killed and nearly 3,000 tanks were lost. This was one of the very few major battles on the Soviet fronts where the Soviets suffered fewer casualties than the Germans.

Following this major blow to the Germans the Allies continue the roll forward towards Germany.  This FSO is set in Dec 1944 into Jan 1945

CM note:

black sea winter terrain will be used to represent actual location.


Axis: 50%

Allies: 50%

Allied Plane Set:




Planes below can be used as JABO





Points earned via the planes below are double


IL-2 Type 3


Axis Plane Set: 

FW 190 D-9
Bf 109 K-4

Planes below can be used as JABO
Bf 109 G-14
FW 190 A-5
FW 190 A-8
FW 190 F-8

Points earned via the planes below are double


Me 410 (Must carry Bombs)


Special Instructions:

  • Some form of Bomber and/or JABO attack must be made against designated target (minimum of 12 pilots).
  • JABO/Bombers  must carry bombs and/or rockets to target
  • Ground attack points only counted for Bomber/JABO planes 
  • 20k Alt Cap
  • Pilots may refuel and rearm at ANY FRIENDLY FIELD.
  • Use of Formations is discretionary
  • All Aircraft must land successfully at ANY FRIENDLY FIELD before T+120 or you will be scored as KIA.

FW 190 A-5 - Disable 500 kg Bomb
FW 190 F-8 - Disable Rockets
FW 190 D-9 - Disable All Bombs (250 /500)
Me 410 - Disable
      1x 50mm BK 5, 22 rpg (in bomb bay)
      2x 30mm MK 103, 100 rpg (in bomb bay)
      4x 20mm MG 151/20, 200 rpg (in bomb bay)
      2x 20mm MG 151/20, 300 rpg (in bomb bay)
      2x 500 SAP Bomb


Single Engine plane = 1
Multi Engine plane = 2
Fighter Hanger = 25
Bomber Hanger = 25
Vehicle Hanger = 25
Ammo Bunker = 3
Fuel Bunker = 3
Barracks = 3
Radar = 3
Gun = 1
Town Building = 1


- Map = blkseaw
- Icon Range – Friendly 3k, Enemy 3k.
- No Radar
- Fighter and Bomber Warning Range - 79200 (15 miles)
- Tower Range – 79,200 (for display to match the above Fighter and Bomber Warning)
- External view for bombers (F3) - On
- Friendly Collisions - Off
- Enemy Collisions - On
- Kill Shooter - Off
- Fuel - .7
- Ack - 0.2
- Formations - Enabled
- Bombsite calibration - Main Arena Standard
- Object Downtime – full (200)
- Winds
20k and above: -127 Rise
- Time:
FRAME 1 - 0800
FRAME 2 - 1000
FRAME 3 - 1200

Disable access to all FLEETS / TASK GROUPS

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