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Fjord Fury

Fjord Fury


In 1940 Winston Churchill stated, ‘It is a terrible thing that this prize should be waiting and no one be able to think of a way of winning it’. He had made reference to the German Battleship Tirpitz, which he also named “The Beast''. He had tasked RAF Coastal Command, RAF Bomber Command along with the Fleet Air Arm with the destruction of this ship. These Royal military organizations spent four years at great cost to sink the KMS Tirpitz. It was one of the highest valued targets of that war. At its various moorings in Norway, the battleship was attacked 15 times by no less than 400 aircraft.

The Tirpitz was finally sunk by aircraft of RAF Bomber Command on November 12, 1944, using 12,000 lb “Tallboy” bombs. The Avro Lancasters of 9, 617, and 209 squadrons made a return to the fjord to attack the 52-ton battleship, sending it and 1000 of her crew to the bottom of Tromso fjord.

Join the Aces High Special Event community for the exciting action in the fjords of Norway in “Fjord Fury”.

 Country Percentage

Axis 50%

Allies 50%

Event Plane Set


Planning notes: The following are definitions and instructions for CiC planning:

  • Unlimited - The planner may add as many aircraft of this type as possible while meeting the max and min requirement of the other types in the frame.
  • Max - This is the maximum number of aircraft of this type that must be in the frame.
  • Min - This is the minimum number of aircraft of this type that must be in the frame.
  • Blank - The planner(s) may use these aircraft types but are not required within the frame. There is no max or min associated with this type. A side may have as many as desired.

Ordnance Loadout


Victory Conditions

In the first hour, each side will be tasked to attack and destroy targets that will have the same point value per side per frame. The targets will be shipping, assigned by the host CM. The value of each target will be displayed in the scoring section.

In the second hour, each side will be provided a BONUS target that may be attacked. A target value will be displayed in the scoring section for these targets. Each side may decide whether or not to attack the second target, it is not required. Any side that does destroy a second hour target will receive the stated points in the scoring section.

The side that scores the highest number of points at the frame's end will be the victor of the frame.


Special Event Rules

  • This is a multi-life event. Pilots may re-plane in 2nd-hour aircraft once they become available in the hangar.
  • Combatants may rearm in original aircraft at any friendly base or ship.
  • Ordnance for each aircraft will be set by the setup CM in the hangar.
  • All targeted objects will retain their normal MA destruction weight.
  • The attackers will have up to T+60 to make their initial attack, otherwise, they will be unable to win the frame.
  • The bomber alt cap will be 16K.
  • The fighter alt cap will be 20k.
  • Destroyed targets are down for the remainder of the frame.
  • Neither side must attack second-hour targets.
  • The second-hour targets may not be attacked until the second hour.
  • The Tirpitz may not be manned or moved.
  • All CiCs are required to comply with the stated number of aircraft allocations per frame.
  • Orders must be reviewed by the Host CM prior to delivery to each side.





Arena Settings

  • Terrain map: nrthseaw
  • Fuel burn rate: 1.0
  • Anti-aircraft gun strength: 0.4
  • Bombsight calibration: AUTOMATIC (MA standard)
  • Icons: 3.0K yards (9,000 feet)
  • Sector Radar ("bar dar"): OFF
  • Dot Radar: OFF
  • Fighter and Bomber warning range: 52,800 feet (10 miles)
  • Tower range set to 52,800 feet (for display only, to match the above setting)
  • Haze range: 12 miles
  • Friendlycollisions: OFF
  • Enemy collisions: ON
  • Kill shooter: OFF
  • Stall Limiter: Set ON (Players may disable)


 Altitude    Speed      Direction

   00 - 02K      0         NO WIND

   02 - 10K      0        W -> E

   10 - 18K      0        W -> E

   18 - 20K      0        W -> E

   20 - 50K+    75        DOWNDRAFT 



Arena Clock:

Frame 1        0900    (9:00 AM, Morning)

Frame 2        1130    (11:30 AM, Morning)

Frame 3        1400    (2:00 PM, Afternoon)


Axis Skins


16/JG5 by Fencer

JG5 by DutchGuy


JG5 by Devil505 (Default)




10./ZG26 by Devil505


1./KG77 by Greebo


Allied Skins

Lancaster Mk III: 

RAF 9 Squadron by Greebo

Mosquito Mk VI: 

RAF 143 Squadron by Greebo

RAF 248 Squadron by Greebo

Hellcat Mk II: 

FAA 804 NAS by Greebo

Wildcat Mk VI (FM-2):

FAA- 881 NAS by Greebo

Corsair Mk II:

FAA 1842 NAS by Greebo


Designer Notes:

Designed by AKWarHwk January 2022



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